World Eternal Online

Official World Eternal Online Whitepaper v0.2, last updated June 2022
World Eternal Online (WEO) is a new sandbox, play & earn MMORPG with a player-driven crafting economy. Players adventure across a vast world with thousands of other players, killing monsters, gathering resources and crafting items. Players can join a guild, take down massive raid bosses, capture a PvP fortress and more! Our goal is to make a fun game first where players can have a real impact. Players could potentially earn tokens in-game by playing and interacting with others.
Players are encouraged to collect and upgrade a diverse set of heroes to take on all sorts of situations. Every hero has different strengths and weaknesses and players will be able to switch easily in-game.
WEO has a rich crafting economy similar where players gather materials and craft them into new items. Players build large cities together where they cooperatively defend and upgrade their city. Creating a vibrant cooperative economy between players is the core concept behind WEO.
WEO has been in development since 2020. WEO will be available on PC first and then mobile.
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