Economy Design Goals


Our mission for the design of the economy is:
  • Reward players for their time, skill and effort in-game
  • Create a sustainable crafting economy
  • Reward diversity with a shifting meta


  • Each hero, trait, talent, gear, potion, etc. is useful in certain situations. Conquering challenges in-game will require diversity in hero collections, gear, potions, pets and player cooperation. Some heroes may be good at PvP fortress sieges; some heroes may be good at defeating a new ice elemental raid boss. This will be good for the hero market and crafting economy. Players will need to work together to push the world forward.
  • Introduce new world events and challenges over time. All games need new content to remain interesting over time. WEO will constantly have new monsters, events, bosses and dungeons that will challenge players. This will keep the game interesting with a shifting meta where different heroes, gear, pets, etc. will become critical at different times.
  • Players need each other to progress. Players need to rely on each other to progress forward. Heroes need a strong guild and a strong guild needs a powerful empire to progress. Guilds need to defend and upgrade their empire city to provide them with resources and recipes to craft better items. Working together to capture the limited number of fortresses on the map will also provide players with access to unique resources for as long as they can hold onto the fortress.
  • Introduce new heroes, crafting and upgrades over time. Players will need new things to collect that will also fill a need in the meta. We will constantly be releasing new hero traits, skills, things to craft and upgrades. This will also ensure that new players in the game can become relevant.
  • Keep old heroes just as relevant as new heroes. While new heroes will be fresh for players, old heroes should also be relevant. Each hero should have its own niche and role in the meta that is needed at different times. This not only applies to heroes but anything in the game like crafting, hero traits, etc.
  • Emphasize cooperation. We love making MMOs because people truly get to interact with others on a large scale. Keeping the game sustainable is just as much about making a good game as making great friends. MMOs provide meaningful ways for people to work together and overcome hard problems which we hope can develop into life long friendships.
  • A reason to play. Some games allow players to purchase everything. This takes away any reason to play and the most successful players are really the best at watching the auction house. Things like gear and potions will not be tradeable. Players must continue to gather resources in-game, kill monsters for loot and craft items from these resources.

Rewarding Players for Time, Skill and Effort

  • Active players will earn the most resources. Active players will be gathering the most resources and killing the most monsters for loot. This means they will be able to level up their heroes and acquire materials to craft new gear, potions and pets.
  • Emphasize cooperation. Players who work together will be able to progress faster. They will be able to kill monsters faster and many objectives in the game can only be done as a group like raid bosses, dungeons, PvP fortress sieging, etc. This means more hero XP but access to exclusive loot drops that you can only get from cooperative challenges.