Many generations of heroes have walked the world through the eternity of time. In the current era, a few have maintained a thin protective barrier since the last demonic invasion. They have been scattered throughout the world eternal, protecting, meditating and improving their skills. Some were born heroes; some were trained, and others have lived for eons since the last invasion.
Players control a single hero with a MOBA style interface. If you've played games like League of Legends or Dota, then you'll feel right at home. However, imagine playing in a huge MMO world with thousands of others! As players explore the world, there will be monsters, resources, dungeons, cities created by players and world changing events. You may see a gigantic world boss roaming the world and join in with others who are attacking it! The world is always online and persistent. Join a guild and build a guild headquarters somewhere and capture territory from other rival guilds.


There will be monsters of all different levels roaming the world. Players can kill these monsters for XP and loot. Keep in mind, that monsters only drop materials and never hero gear. WEO is based on a crafting economy so all gear is crafted from materials.
Some monsters can be fought solo but certain bosses will require a coordinated group of players.
For one of the ultimate challenge, players can enter a dungeon together to yield some of the rarest materials to make some of the best gear.

Gathering Resources

Scattered around the world are berry bushes and gold mines. Players can leave pets at these resource nodes to gather resources. Certain pets will occasionally be able to find rare resources!


Players take the materials they earn from resource gathering and killing monsters to craft items. They will craft gear, potions and breed pets in the empire's city. These items will make their heroes more powerful and allow them to conquer the toughest content!


There will be many events in the game which constantly provide ways for players to compete, earn rewards and change the world. There will be both solo and guild events. Events are exciting ways to introduce new things for a limited time including:
  • New bosses
  • New dungeons
  • New zones
  • New crafting recipes
  • New materials
Some events will require massive cooperation from players that may change the world itself. Only the most active and dedicated players will earn the best rewards in events!


Player vs Player combat or PvP is an essential part of an MMO! The chance to test your strength against another player and dominate them. Players will be broken into different empires and can attack players from a different empire. This means that killing a world boss may not be as simple as it seems. You may want a few guildmates to watch your back in case any enemy players decide to gank. There will also be PvP specific instances that will host limited PvP tournaments.
City and fortress sieges are the ultimate in group PvP. Guilds will be able to capture and defend fortresses to gain territory control. Owning territory gives a number of benefits. More on this later!
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