Empire Cities

There are a few major cities in a realm. Each city belongs to an empire and every player belongs to one of the empires. Players in an empire can cooperate together in the world to conquer content. A few things to note:
  • Players from an empire may only attack players from another empire.
  • All members in a guild must be apart of the same empire.
  • Players can only craft items at the crafting buildings in their empire's city.


Players construct buildings cooperatively with others in their city. Here are some of the building types:
  • Main hall
  • Teleporter
  • Blacksmith
  • Alchemist
  • Defensive towers
  • Guard stations
  • Defensive traps
  • Guild halls

Building Upgrade

All cities have several buildings. To increase a building's level, players must donate resources to it. Leveling up a building can do things like:
  • Unlock new crafting recipes
  • Increase resource production
  • Unlock new resources
  • Increase the defensive stats

Resource Storage & Collection

A city will accrue resources over time based on the main hall's level. Once a day, citizens of the city may collect a percentage of the resources that have been accrued. For each resource type, the city has a maximum capacity that it can store.

City PvP & Resource Stealing

Players can enter other empire cities to steal their resources. Heroes will need to defend their city from invasions along with any city defenses that have been built. If invading players can destroy the defenses temporarily, then they may have a chance to steal resources from the city's main hall.

Defensive Buildings

City defenses such as towers and guards can also guard the city. Citizens will need to donate to these buildings to increase their level and strength
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