There will be 40 heroes at launch. Collecting a diverse set of heroes will be very important. Every hero has different strengths and weaknesses and having many different heroes at your disposal means you’ll be able to take on all sorts of situations. You can always switch to a different hero in-game seamlessly as long as you are not engaged in combat. Heroes are defined by their Rarity, Faction, Skills, Level, Talents and Traits! Furthermore, heroes will be able to equip weapons and other gear to face different scenarios. Additionally, players will need fodder heroes to absorb to ascend their heroes to higher rarity.
Each hero is composed of these things:
  • Skills
  • Class
  • Rarity
  • Base Stats
  • Level
  • Traits
  • Faction
  • Talents
  • Gear

Skills, Ults & Auto-attack

Most heroes have 4 skills. Skills are cast by the player and cost mana. When a skill is cast, it goes on cooldown for a few seconds.
The 4th skill is called the ult. It usually costs the most mana and has the largest effect on the battle. Use your ult wisely and when it is needed.
All heroes also have an auto-attack. The hero will automatically attack any enemy that the player has targeted. A hero accrues mana by hitting other enemies or being hit. This mana is used to cast skills. Mana slowly decays over time so cast the skill while you have the mana!


There are currently 3 classes in the game:
  • Tank
  • Damage dealer
  • Support
Tanks have more health and armor. Tanks are melee and are meant to soak up damage from bosses. Damage dealers deal the most damage in a battle and can be melee or ranged. Support will heal and buff allies while disabling and debuffing enemies.
The class also defines what type of gear the hero can wear. For example, tank heroes can only wear tank gear.


A hero’s rarity can be common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary. The higher the rarity the higher the hero potential. Rarity controls 3 main aspects:
  • max level
  • base stats
  • the number of traits a hero can have
Common heroes have a single trait and a max level of 20. Most heroes start out at common rarity.


Heroes can absorb other heroes to increase their
  • rarity
  • stats
  • max level
  • number of traits
We call this hero ascension.
Say we have a hero named Tiberius. A common Tiberius can ascend to an uncommon by absorbing 2 other common heroes that share his faction, which is the King’s Arm. An uncommon Tiberius can ascend to rare by absorbing another uncommon Tiberius.
During ascension a hero will receive a random trait from one of the heroes that it absorbs. When your hero reaches max rarity, they may redo the ascension to replace a trait of their choosing. Different traits will be good on certain heroes but also be good in certain battles to ensure a diverse set of heroes. Ascending a hero with the right traits will require a ton of strategy and will really boost the power and value of a hero!


Gear can be crafted from materials that monsters drop when killed and resources that are gathered in the world. Gear is never dropped from monsters.
Each hero has a class which determines what type of gear they can wear.
There are 6 types of gear:
  • weapon
  • helm
  • gloves
  • boots
  • chest armor
  • amulet
Gear can increase stats like damage, health, armor, crit, elemental resistance, etc. In addition, there will be highly valued gear sets which when combined will have bonus effects and passive skills.


Players level up their heroes by killing monsters and acquiring XP. Leveling your heroes will increase their base stats which include damage, health and armor.
Heroes can level up to their max level. Once they reach their max level, then the hero must do hero ascension to increase their max level.


Every hero comes with a set of random hero traits to make them truly unique. Common heroes have 1 hero trait and absorb a new trait each time they ascend in rarity. There are 50+ different trait types that can have different strengths which yields 300+ different traits! Some examples of traits are: 10% fire damage, 12% axe damage, 20% armor vs beasts, etc.
Traits are very powerful since they will scale the stats of your hero and gear!


Every hero belongs to a faction. For example, the King’s Arm is a faction of elite warriors the kings deployed into battle to control land. The faction gives the hero a background and lore but also is used in hero ascension.


All attacks for heroes and monsters fall into one of the following types:
  • Physical
  • Fire
  • Water (includes frost)
  • Earth (includes poison)
  • Wind (includes lightning)
  • Holy
  • Shadow
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