Heroes are the center of the WEO universe. Heroes are the main tools for harvesting valuable resources from the world through battle.

Supporting Hero Diversity

Having a large variation of heroes is important so there can be a range of desirability. In addition, that desirability can shift with the game meta to make things more exciting. In order to support hero diversity, we need 2 things:
  • A system that creates a lot of different heroes
  • A system where many heroes are considered a "good" hero
There will be 40 base hero types at launch. Each of these base types will have the same look and skills. 40 is not enough so hero traits are the main way we create massive differentiation between heroes. A hero earns 1 trait per rarity and maxes out at 5 traits at legendary. There are 300+ possible traits which means there are 19B+ possible variations of a hero. Some examples of traits are: 10% fire damage, 12% axe damage, 20% armor vs beasts, etc. Traits are very powerful and can greatly increase the power of your hero.
It's important to have a wide range of desirable heroes. If there are too little then players will decide that their chances are too low. In addition, the meta changes and shifts so a hero that may not currently be desirable can become desirable later. Here is how WEO achieves this:
  • Bosses, dungeons and other challenges will require different heroes to beat them
  • New events every day will ensure there are constantly different hero challenges
Keep in mind that monsters and events drop valuable materials that players need to progress their heroes. Players are very incentivized to defeat as many different monsters, bosses, events, etc. as possible.

Hero Acquisition

Players can acquire heroes a few different ways:
  • Purchasing a hero crate
  • Receive a hero by winning an event
Hero crates will give the players a random hero with a random set of traits.

Hero Ascension

Hero ascension is one of the most important ways hero progress and get stronger. Heroes absorb other heroes in order increase their:
  • Rarity
  • Max level
  • Stats
  • Trait amount
Heroes will absorb 1 random trait from one of the heroes they absorb. It is important to understand how hero ascension works as it has large implications on the hero supply and market.
We do not expect all players to get the max ascension and hero level. In many MMORPGs, players pool at the max level and begin doing endgame content together. Group content in WEO is made for a range of hero levels and rarities.